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  • queenheroine asked : Hi! I need a bit of advice. I'm sure you get this a lot and it's pretty simple but, how can I become happier after a break up. I've been dating this girl for two years and she left me for someone else, it still hurts but I am determined to get over this and be happier. How can I do this , I have tried and tried. 😔


    these breaks up will guide to you your big one! so that’s really okay just hard to accept that something is over now! don’t be sad about that ! try to deflect you attention and don’t sit at home alone! meet your friends have fun bc now you need to this! you will meet new people and that’s so awesome! :) do what you love to do and don’t be alone in this hard time !

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  • foodnetwork:

Recipe of the Day: Ina’s Quickest Caprese SaladJuicy tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and seasonal basil. As Ina always says, “How bad can that be?”
  • foodnetwork:

    Recipe of the Day: Ina’s Quickest Caprese Salad

    Juicy tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and seasonal basil. As Ina always says, “How bad can that be?”

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  • "Try to love yourself as much as you want someone else to."
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  • "When I let go of what’s not meant to be, I clear a path for good stuff to find me!"
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Puppy love
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  • asieybarbie:

    ignore anyone who tells you otherwise.

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  • I’m worth loving too.


    I’m worth sticking around with.
    And I want someone who will let me know that.
    Not run away every chance they get.
    I’m worth a relationship.
    I’m worth a chance.
    I want to be happy just as the next person.
    And what I’ve been saying is truth.
    I’ve never faltered from it.
    And to have you leave, yet again.
    That says a lot.
    Not about me, but about you.
    Im learning from this relationship.
    A lot.
    About being faithful.
    And I will have bumps in the road,
    But never will I cross that line.
    Not with you.
    And if you can’t see that.
    Then it will be your loss.
    For I have loved you like no other.
    And I don’t plan to.
    Maybe when you’ve calmed down,
    We’ll talk.
    But I know my worth.
    And you know yours.
    We’re worth being loved.
    Being happy.
    We’re worth it.

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  • Please Support My Classroom



    Hi all, I’m requesting some support for my classroom this coming year. I want to give my kids every opportunity to explore and be engaged. An ipad will help to create opportunity for my classroom. It will provide more avenues for project based learning and student creation.

    So I have started a Donorschoose project requesting one iPad that will be exclusively for my classroom and for student use. It will in no way be a personal device for me. I’d appreciate any support you would like to give to this project. Please message me for the link, as it’s under my real name.

    Thank you :)

    Hey, friends! If you can, please support my friend’s classroom. She is a great teacher who has taken on a whole lot to immerse her students in technology in the last year and she could use your help.

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